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Aapo & Soona Crystals

The crystals that hold the power of our characters Aapo and Soona. Their corruption is what causes our heroes for fuse into one being in the game, and they must retrieve these corrupted crystals and bring them to their thrones once again.

I did a low to high to low for these models, starting in Maya, sculpting detail in Zbrush then bringing it back down in Maya. They then were brought into Substance Painter for their textures. There's two masks for each, one is black and the other is purple. In the unreal engine these crystals would pulse with a sinister energy.

Christopher demers suncrystal
Christopher demers suncrystal corruption
Christopher demers suncrystal corruption 02
Christopher demers mooncrystal
Christopher demers mooncrystal corruption
Christopher demers mooncrystal corruption 02